Great Excitement in Junior Infant Classroom

Sincere thank you to the parents that were able to come in and visit our room over the last few weeks. Our Aistear topic has been people who help us and the children were fortunate enough to have speakers from different professions in to talk to them about their jobs.

We had a Nurse in from the Day Ward in SGH. She spoke to the children about her job, what would happen if they were admitted for the day and the children met Teddy who was all prepped for this operation. It was a lovely afternoon and I’m sure if they ever have to go to the hospital it will be less daunting.

We had a Pharmacist Technician from SGH in another afternoon. She explained to them children how the medicines are made and what happens in a clean room. The children really enjoyed the talk and dressing up for the clean room. Our sandpit is now a very active pharmacy where the children “make the medicines” to make people better.

We also had a member of the Sligo Search and Rescue Team in with all his equipment. He explained his role from getting the call to possibly carrying someone off the mountain or staying with them all night. The children were in awe looking at all the different things he pulled out of his bag and loved “testing” them all!!

Again, sincere thank you to all involved. I really appreciate you taking the time to come in to our classroom and the children loved it.

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