Dear Parents and Guardians,

The last week has been a steep learning curve for all of us in the school community. The staff had spent a lot of time in school and at home preparing learning packs for all of our pupils. We were all ready to go last Saturday morning, with parents on standby to collect those packs. When the Taoiseach made his announcement about the new restrictions to movement on Friday night though, it left us with no option but to play our part in the national effort and to postpone the arrangements.

It did put us in a bit of a predicament however. We were adamant that schooling must continue in a meaningful way. Over a period of a few days, teachers upskilled and familiarised themselves with the Seesaw online learning platform. Parents, guardians and pupils did likewise. I know there were a few teething problems (and some might even be having nightmares at the mere mention of the word ‘Seesaw’!), but everyone has played their part in overcoming them.

The staff and I are very aware that online learning doesn’t suit everyone. Poor internet access and insufficient devices for everyone in the family who want to use one, are just some of the challenges families have faced this week. Remember of course that you as parents are best placed to make the decision as to what is achievable for your child and your family. We do not want to be adding any additional pressures to households.

However, it is clear to me that people recognise that these are unprecedented times and we have all had to readjust accordingly. I want to sincerely thank the staff, parents, pupils and wider school community for all playing their part in ensuring that we can continue to educate and communicate with our pupils.

In all this turmoil, it is easy to forget that the next two weeks are the annual Easter Holidays from school. As a result, there will be no work assigned for this period. It will be an opportunity to remove the burden of schoolwork from the household for a while. For anyone looking for additional work, there are multiple resources listed in previous posts on our website.

On a final note, I would like to pay a particular note of thanks to all the parents in our school community who are working in front-line services during this time. Your selfless work is much appreciated.

I hope everyone continues to keep well and keep safe,

David O’Farrell


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2 thoughts on “Dear Parents and Guardians,”

  1. Just liked to say thank you Mr O’Farrel and all teachers and staff in special Mrs Nicola Moffatt for all attention and to do so hardworking .
    Keeps safe everyone

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