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We hope the kids enjoyed the indoor games, although a dry week it may have been too cold to venture outside for long spells. A lot of those games can be played in the classroom too, when you return.  

Below are this week’s skills and games.   


Good Health, 

Sligo GAA Coaching & Games. 


https://video.link/w/QI5Qb        the solo, skill and challenge

First/Second Class
https://video.link/w/iP5Qb         kick and catch

Third/Fourth Class
https://video.link/w/zU5Qb       solo and hand pass

Fifth/Sixth Class
https://video.link/w/1Y5Qb        2 ball solo

Athletic Development Exercises
https://video.link/w/fb6Qb        cobra to childs pose

https://video.link/w/Rd6Qb       crab crawl throws

Hurling Skills for All
https://video.link/w/0i6Qb         hurling darts game

https://video.link/w/Yl6Qb         developing the hurling hand

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