January Assembly

We held our whole school January Assembly this morning. Thanks again to 5th class for facilitating us. We discussed the school start times, the increase in respiratory illness, the establishment of a student council and possible changes to the school […]

November Assembly

We had a virtual school assembly this morning. At the beginning, Mr.O’Farrell reminded everyone of the importance of good hand and respiratory hygiene. He went over once again, what this involves. Because good ventilation is crucial in preventing the spread […]

School Assembly

We had a whole school assembly via Zoom this morning. Mr. O’Farrell hosted the assembly and started by welcoming everybody, especially our new pupils. He then reminded the pupils about the proper technique for hand washing. He also talked about […]

Zoom Assembly

We had our first assembly of the year this morning in school. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, it was conducted over Zoom. Mr.O’Farrell, the principal spoke to the children in Junior Infants , Senior Infants, First Class and Second Class from […]


Assembly takes place on the first Wednesday of every month for all classes. This morning Mr.O’Farrell addressed the December assembly. After the prayer, he talked about recent achievements for the school including participation in Futsal, Peace Proms and the Hope […]


The junior section of the school (Junior Infs – 2nd class) had an assembly this morning where they discussed the playground rules with Mr.O’Farrell. Our training for 5th and 6th class ‘playground buddies’ will be starting soon.